The Lilacs Are Back

May 17, 2008 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

The lilacs returned, as did the crowds!  After spending the winter moving easily through the farmers market at Union Square, I was surprised and disappointed by the throngs of people who returned to the market after the long winter spell.  I think they were all drawn last week by the fragrance of the lilacs.  The flowers were everywhere.  I bought a small bunch for $7. 

Lilacs are among the most fragile of flowers.  They wilt and die in a matter of days.  I took mine home and put them in a clay vase a friend of mine – a potter – made.  They were gone in two days, sprinkling my table with itsy bitsy blossoms before they left.  Their fragrance, though, lingered for days. 

I returned to the market today much earlier than I did last week in hope of beating the crowds.  I didn’t. Even at 9:30, the place was packed, though not quite as bad as last week.  There weren’t many lilacs this time.  As I said, they don’t last very long.

But there were plenty of peonies.  I don’t know much about them, but it seems as though they’re tougher, more resilient flowers.  I bought a bunch – five plump red buds that are just beginning to open.  I’m wondering how long they’re last and how fragrant they’ll be.  So far, they’re not giving much fragrance at all, nothing like my lilacs last week. 

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