The Joys of a Rosemary Bush

December 20, 2008 at 9:41 pm 2 comments

Even though my hopes of growing parsley and basil on the roof were dashed this summer, I never quite gave up on the idea of having my own herbs at home.  Last month, I decided to take a chance on rosemary, which I read was the easiest of the herbs to grow in an apartment.  To be honest, I didn’t really grow it.   I bought it — a full-sized rosemary bush for $15.

It was a good choice, not only because it was the least fickle of the herbs for an herb novice like me.  Though I didn’t think of it at the time, rosemary linked me to my Portuguese roots.  The herb is native to Portugal and grows effortlessly it seems everywhere.  Rosemary – “alecrim” in Portuguese – is even mentioned in a famous Portuguese fado song celebrating the joys of a simple home. 

I found a nice spot for the plant by the window and brushed my hands over its surprisingly soft needle-like leaves.  The stems sprung back into place, releasing a strong pine fragrance.  My rosemary bush is funny.  She doesn’t reveal her strength until you stroke her. She’s reserved and understated, just like the Portuguese now that I think of it.    

The plant has become like a pet.  I water her as soon as the soil becomes bone-dry, irrigating until the water collects in the plate underneath her.  It’s amazing how she sucks up the water, like a kitten lapping up a bowl of milk.

“We’re getting along quite well. I feed her and open and raise the window blinds to make sure she gets maximum sunlight.  In return, she gives me an invigorating, wake-me-up, pick-me-up scent whenever I need a lift, not to mention seasoning for my food and a great addition for my baths.  I’ll never let her know that she wasn’t my herb of choice.  But I guess I won’t have to.  Parsley and basil seem so yesterday now. 

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  • 1. Amarilla  |  January 7, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    I won’t tell her either! Oh, I wish I had some sunlit window so I could have a rosemary bush too.

  • 2. The Nature Nut « New York Bounty  |  January 19, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    […] bought a rosemary bush not too long ago, which I keep by a window in my apartment.  The plant was healthy and doing quite […]

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