Three Hundred Elephants

April 10, 2009 at 2:46 am Leave a comment

Have any idea how much food New Yorkers throw out on an average day?  It’s about 2,000 tons, equal to the weight of more than 300 elephants, according to this eight-minute film co-written, produced, shot and edited by Alison Bryne in 2006.

TrashIn’ the Big Apple quickly frames the environmental issue – the 300 elephants’ worth of daily food waste piles up in landfills, where it sits unable to decompose. The solution?  Composting.  The film features restaurant owners who contribute their kitchen scraps to local gardens for composting and city officials and others who run large composting facilities.  It even provides a quick demonstration of indoor composting, showing the wiggler worms and bins I blogged about here. 

Food waste is not the world’s most exciting topic, but the filmmaker manages to make the unpalatable palatable through animation, fun music and lively narration.  More importantly, she shines a light on an environmental issue that we can all help rectify.  It’s definitely worth the watch.  Here’s the link to the film:

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