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Farmers Markets Launched Statewide as Part of New Farm Initiative

Life is starting to look a little brighter for New York State’s family farmers. Gov.  Andrew Cuomo last week announced a program to launch new farmers markets and expand others across the state.  The new Fresh Connect Farmers’ Markets is part of Gov. Cuomo’s “Farm New York” initiative to invest in the state’s agriculture industry. (more…)


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Peanut Planting in the Bronx

Drew Gardens in the Bronx

©Photo by Margarida Correia (caption at bottom of post)

A clutch of enthusiastic gardeners — trowels and soil scrapers in hand — readied for the special planting that was about to take place at Drew Gardens in the West Farms neighborhood of the Bronx.  One by one, they squatted by the side of a just-tilled garden bed and began to tuck peanuts into the ground.

Angel Valeri Nogue beamed.  The peanuts, she blurted with pride, were “brought here to New York” from her grandmother’s plantation in West Cameroon.

“I used to stay on my grandmother’s plantation in the springtime for six months to help,” said Nogue, a refugee with the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit organization that helps resettle refugees, asylees and victims of human trafficking.

Nogue’s face brightened as she recalled childhood memories of her grandmother’s plantation, a refuge from the stresses of city life in Cameroon.  Now Drew Gardens is her refuge. (more…)

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Hearing on NYC Food Bills Draws Scores of Supporters, Few Critics

New Yorkers showed overwhelming support for two food-related bills at a public hearing convened last month by the New York City Council Governmental Affairs Division.  The proposed bills back recommendations in a plan to revamp the city’s food system and make local and regional food more available to New Yorkers.  The plan was outlined in an 86-page report, FoodWorks, released by NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn last year.

One of the proposed bills would require city agencies (more…)

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World of NYC Green Carts Revealed

Moveable Feast photo exhibition

Photo of Bangladeshi Green Cart vendor in Brooklyn by photographer Thomas Holton.

New York City Green Cart vendors, the men and woman who have ventured into some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods to sell fresh fruit and vegetables, are the subject of a significant photography exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York.  The exhibition — called “Moveable Feast:  Fresh Produce and the NYC Green Cart Program” — chronicles the lives of the cart vendors and their customers.

Gabriele Stabile, one of the five featured photographers, follows Patricia Jimenez, a Mexican woman whose produce cart on the edge of a South Bronx neighborhood once dubbed “Death Valley” is described as a “daily point of reference in the community.” (more…)

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Rhubarb is Back


© Photo by Margarida Correia.

The funny red-tinged celery sticks are back.  They’re what the more food sophisticated know as rhubarb, a plant whose stalks are used by chefs, bakers and homemakers around the world to make pies and pastries as well as a dizzying array of other things — from soup to sauces for chicken, pork and other meat dishes.

Though the plant has many culinary uses, it hasn’t been widely developed commercially.  A good-sized farmers market is about the only place where consumers will find the stalks.

“They came in late this year,” said Gorzynksi Ornery Farm owner John Gorzynski, of the rhubarb he was selling for $6 a pound at the Union Square Greenmarket.  It will be in season for six to eight weeks, till around the time strawberries start coming up in mid-May or early June.  (more…)

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Ramps from Roscoe a Wild Hit at Greenmarket

Ramps from Roscoe

© Photo by Margarida Correia. Ramps, or wild leeks, were going for $3 a bunch at the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC. Mountain Sweet Berry Farm was selling them at a quick clip on Saturday.

It wasn’t the fingerling potatoes — or any of the crops it grew — that drew mobs of people to its farm stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday.

What people clamored for were ramps, wild leeks that Mountain Sweet Berry Farm foraged in the woodlands of Roscoe, the hamlet in Sullivan County where the farm is based.

It’s the first wild thing that grows in the forest and the first sign of spring, said the farm’s affable owner, Rick Bishop, of the sought-after edible plant. (more…)

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Stringer Responds to Farmers Markets SOS

Cut them some slack.  That’s Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s recommendation for New York City’s community-based farmers markets.  These markets contend with high permit fees, bureaucratic red tape, parking rule inconsistencies and other issues that make it hard to serve the low-income neighborhoods in which most of them operate.

In a report released today, Stringer lays out a plan to help streamline regulations governing the city’s 60 community-based farmers markets.  The report recommends, among other things, eliminating daily permit fees for markets in low-income areas, which can run up to $1,600 annually.

To read the report, “Red Tape, Green Vegetables,” click here.

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