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Woofing: A Way to Travel and Farm

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This is the last in a series of posts on my 10-day experience as a volunteer farmer in northern Portugal.

Relax, don’t worry, Filipe Antunes, co-owner of Cimo de Vila Farm, tried to assure me.  My job would be easy.

I wasn’t at all convinced.  The job at hand scared me to death.  I — with my mighty 105-pound, five-foot-one frame —was to block the farm’s long-horned, 1,000-pound cows from going the wrong way.  If they suddenly decided to go down the forbidden dirt road where I was standing, I was to do two things:  flail my arms and yell at the mischievous cows.

Fortunately, the cows seemed to know the routine.  They gathered at the corner of the pasture where they had munched all day on crunchy greens.  One by one — Bonita, Rosa, Mila, Tangerina, Princesa (all 15 had names) — exited through the wide gate and proceeded to a verdant new mountainside.  They bobbed their heads and acknowledged me as they walked by.  The menacing-looking creatures, I began to realize, were docile and chivalrous, just like Shrek. (more…)


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