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Ramps from Roscoe a Wild Hit at Greenmarket

Ramps from Roscoe

© Photo by Margarida Correia. Ramps, or wild leeks, were going for $3 a bunch at the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC. Mountain Sweet Berry Farm was selling them at a quick clip on Saturday.

It wasn’t the fingerling potatoes — or any of the crops it grew — that drew mobs of people to its farm stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday.

What people clamored for were ramps, wild leeks that Mountain Sweet Berry Farm foraged in the woodlands of Roscoe, the hamlet in Sullivan County where the farm is based.

It’s the first wild thing that grows in the forest and the first sign of spring, said the farm’s affable owner, Rick Bishop, of the sought-after edible plant. (more…)


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Freaky Fruit: Ramps

Unusual local bounty is starting to appear at the farmers market.  Here’s a vegetable I’d never seen before….



Ramps at Union Square Farmers Market

Ramps at Union Square Farmers Market


Ramps Ramp Up 

Baby scallions.  That’s what ramps look like.  They started ramping up about three weeks ago at the farmers market.  Ramps are in season for about a month, so consumers should hurry if they want to try them.    

Ramps are great additions to omelets and pasta, but of course they should be sautéed first, said the farmer.  He advised chopping the white part – the stem and the small bulb on the bottom – very fine and the leaves coarsely. 

Ramps, also known as wild leeks, have a “strong oniony, garlicky taste,” according to the farmer.  They come with a tangle of short white roots.  Ramps are selling for $2.50 a batch at the farmers market. 

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